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    February 28, 2019
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in people receiving long-term opioid therapy STRUGGLES WITH ADDICTION Prescription opioid addiction A GROWING EPIDEMIC.. Opioids work by blocking the feeling of pain without fixing the underlying cause Prescription opioids may be habit forming and lead to addiction even when taken as prescribed Patients taking prescription opioids are also at risk for impaired breathing, unintentional overdose or death Caution when taking prescription opioids with . alcohol . benzodiazepines (ex. Xanax®, Valium®) muscle relaxers (ex. Soma®, Flexeril®) hypnotics (ex. Ambien®, Lunesta®) KEEP YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE: | IO Keep medication out of sight and in a safe and secure place. PublicHealth Monitor Keep track of medication and take only as directed Prevent. Promote. Protect. Richland County Health Department Take Back Drop off unused medication at local Take Back locations. To find a location near you go to department o human services Developed in partnership with the ND Board of Pharmacy and ND IF YOU ARE CONCERNED: Talk to your pharmacist or practitioner about naloxone, a treatment to reverse owerdose Folow-up with your practitioner Find behavioral health treatment providers at For more information, go to